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Next event  - Third Form Parents Social Event - Friday 30th June 17

Come along to the next 3rd Form DSPA Event….

Parents Bring a Dish Evening in The Sports Pavilion - the Evening of the 3rd Form Manor Ball (Friday 30th June 7pm - 9.30pm...after we’ve embarrassed them by having a drink with them at Manor!)

Please bring Dish of Food and a Bottle to join in for a very informal, relaxed evening in the Cricket Pavilion whilst the pupils are partying, we can get together too!!

RSVP (to give a rough idea of numbers for plates, glasses etc.)

In order for us to plan, please kindly complete the form below. 

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We look forward to seeing you and. Any questions or problems, please send a mail to third form rep,  Annabel Weeden  at  annabel.weeden888@btinternet.com

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DSPA Committee

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